Fourth Fan Art!

Son of a bee sting, four pieces of fan art?! Now I was blown away when I got one, but man, four? This is becoming a regular occurrence! And of course if this were to halt, I would be surely devastated. So yeah, keep on drawing! I love it! 

This awesome drawing was done by my good buddy Jeremy McMullen @Spocksevilclone ! Not only do I love the rocking gatling gun (my favourite gun when I was a kid, thanks Doom and Terminator 2!) but I love the heavy use of black. I also really love the left boot. That is a mighty fine boot. I’m immensely flattered as always!

-Love Nick


February 2019 Shirt: Science Jerks

I love this panel. There’s something really funny to me about making a shirt of 6 random characters, most of which were never seen again beyond this panel. They’re just standing there, doing nothing, and they get a shirt for it. Just friggin’ slays me.

You can buy this rad new shirt and others HERE at my online store!

Third Fan Art!

Three pieces of fan art?! Man, the fame is rolling in and going directly to my head!  I’m ready to be Instagram famous now! But seriously, this amazing drawing/painting was done by my good friend Karim Sadik who is overall an extremely talented artist (paints himself some mean Necromunda miniatures!) and is also an elementary teacher at a school of the arts!

I love that Karim used watercolours for this, and I also love seeing his interpretation of Life. Just the style choices and subtle changes to the costume he made, just great stuff! Again, I can’t express how flattered I am.

-Love Nick