Sixth Fan Art!

Look at how awesome this is! This is just getting ridiculous! This was drawn by @ShootingStarCMX (apparently while they were watching Hawaii 5-0) a fantastic artist who I just know on Twitter.

I had no idea this was coming, and again I can’t express how flattered and appreciative I am when people do awesome drawings like this using my character. Thank you so much!!

-Love Nick

Ink Sketching.

I hate inking. Not because of the tools or the finished look. It’s the commitment. I’m a caveman. I draw on paper.  So when you put that ink to that paper, god damn it that’s it! You better be happy with it, because otherwise it’s a real pain to fix and you never really get over the feeling that you lost that battle. 

Sketches look great. There’s a world of possibility still. But that ink is final. 

I used to do my rough pencil sketches, then really work them out in pencil still, and then my final inks. That’s hard, slow, and nerve-wracking. So I don’t do that anymore. Now I just do a really basic, rough pencil sketch (we’re talking stick figures and tube people!) then work it out with a rough, but very thin ink sketch, and then the final inks. 

Technically it’s the same amount of steps, but some how sketching everything out in inks greatly speeds the whole thing up for me. You don’t have to be as careful, and if you screw up, you can usually cover it with your final inks. Therefore the whole process is way less stressful, and I’m more likely to just go for it. 

Drawing, man, it’ll mess you up… 

-Love Nick

April 2019 Shirt: Fight

Well that’s not a shirt now is it? Did you know all my designs can also be purchased on fashionable home and lifestyle accessories? It’s true, just look at that handsome pillow you could accent your couch with. Impress your friends when they see this stylish conversation piece.

You can buy this rad new pillow and others HERE at my online store!

Fifth Fan Art!

Ha! Five piece of fan art?! Out of control! Man, this is just the best. I am so flattered each time, I can’t describe it. I can’t believe I’m drawing Life, nevermind someone else drawing him!

This was done by Mark Higgins and posted to his Instagram @fritzatomicart . I don’t personally know Mark, so I had no idea this was coming and was pleasantly surprised when he sent it to me! Once again, I love other people’s interpretations of Life, and the way they draw his outfit. Thanks again, Mark!

-Love Nick