Wolverine Homage!

Here’s a drawing I did for my friend Dane! It’s an homage to the Wolverine #1 cover by John Buscema (being that Dane’s favourite comic character is Wolverine.)

I printed a black and white picture of the original cover,  lightboxed the overall characters, and then did my own character designs and embellishments.

And look: Dane framed it! I guess he liked it.


14th Fan Art!

It was truly the merriest of Christmases! Here’s a rad Christmas present I got from my good buddy Jeremy @Spocksevilclone last year! I always love Jeremy’s heavy use of black, and he gets extra points for “astro-seconds”! Nothing says science fiction quite like adding spacey words to things!

This is also Jeremy’s FOURTH Life fan art, firmly securing his place as the world’s foremost Life The Necropolis fan artist. However, I would still love to see you draw Life or any of the characters really. Do it!

Merry Christmas in July!




Hey look, I finally put up an archive on my site!

I’ve been meaning to do this forever, and the longer I put it off the worse it got, but that also meant I needed to do it more.

I’m almost at 150 pages (!!) and only being able to just keep clicking ‘next’, ‘previous’, or ‘random’ to browse those almost 150 pages was a terrible idea.

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to do it, so I went simple: a list. It’s sorted by year, storyline, and it’s super dull but I figured it was the most effective way to do it and it was relatively painless.



13th Fan Art!

Well I’ll be darned, it’s Zhro! My good friend Karim Sadik made this awesome drawing of Zhro, marking not only Karim’s second piece of fan art, but Zhro’s second fan art appearance!

Apparently the little guy is pretty popular, so I guess I’m going to have to start exploiting that. Zhro must suffer so I may prosper!


Tales from the Interface No.3 Kickstarter!

You should definitely check out this rad Kickstarter from Emmanuel Filteau for his third issue of Tales From The Interface! I backed digital editions of all three books for just $14 CAD, a screaming deal!

I’ve followed Emmanuel on Instagram for awhile (@ink_orporate and @Inkorporate on Twitter) and really enjoy his work, but I have to keep reminding myself “Oh yeah you should support artists you like!” so getting all three of his books in one fell swoop was perfect!

Personally, even though I prefer printed comics, and Emmanuel is definitely offering printed versions, getting all three as a digital bundle is just so convenient for me. It’s also less work for the artist (trust me: mail order is a TON of work) I don’t have to pay shipping, and more of my money is going to the artist instead of printing costs.

So yeah, check it out!