April 2019 Shirt: Fight

Well that’s not a shirt now is it? Did you know all my designs can also be purchased on fashionable home and lifestyle accessories? It’s true, just look at that handsome pillow you could accent your couch with. Impress your friends when they see this stylish conversation piece.

You can buy this rad new pillow and others HERE at my online store!

Fifth Fan Art!

Ha! Five piece of fan art?! Out of control! Man, this is just the best. I am so flattered each time, I can’t describe it. I can’t believe I’m drawing Life, nevermind someone else drawing him!

This was done by Mark Higgins and posted to his Instagram @fritzatomicart . I don’t personally know Mark, so I had no idea this was coming and was pleasantly surprised when he sent it to me! Once again, I love other people’s interpretations of Life, and the way they draw his outfit. Thanks again, Mark!

-Love Nick