Inktober 2021.

Inktober is an online art project where you get a drawing prompt every day all October long.

This year the only thing I wanted to work on was crosshatching. Didn’t do it all the time, but threw it in there as often as I could/remembered to.

You can definitely tell which drawings I did at home and which I did at work on my lunch break. And which days I was totally out of creative energy. Definitely different levels of effort…

Ants and birds were oddly a reoccurring theme too. Not sure why.


15th Fan Art!

Ahh I love this rad Life drawing by Emmanuel Filteau! It’s so cool seeing Life drawn completely in someone else’s style; always seems so oddly familiar and new at the same time.

Make sure you follow Emmanuel on Instagram @ink_orporate and @Inkorporate on Twitter, and don’t forget to pick up his comics!