Inktober 2021.

Inktober is an online art project where you get a drawing prompt every day all October long.

This year the only thing I wanted to work on was crosshatching. Didn’t do it all the time, but threw it in there as often as I could/remembered to.

You can definitely tell which drawings I did at home and which I did at work on my lunch break. And which days I was totally out of creative energy. Definitely different levels of effort…

Ants and birds were oddly a reoccurring theme too. Not sure why.


15th Fan Art!

Ahh I love this rad Life drawing by Emmanuel Filteau! It’s so cool seeing Life drawn completely in someone else’s style; always seems so oddly familiar and new at the same time.

Make sure you follow Emmanuel on Instagram @ink_orporate and @Inkorporate on Twitter, and don’t forget to pick up his comics!


The War On Colouring.

So what happened to all the colours? Why only the one colour? 

Listen, I don’t like colouring and I’m pretty terrible at it. Having an eye for colour is like having an ear for music: either you have it or you don’t, and I don’t. 

I’ve never really been satisfied with my colouring and I was failing trying to achieve a certain look. Everything new I was trying just wasn’t working out and was taking way too long, so it’s time to wring my brain out and start fresh!


Wolverine Homage!

Here’s a drawing I did for my friend Dane! It’s an homage to the Wolverine #1 cover by John Buscema (being that Dane’s favourite comic character is Wolverine.)

I printed a black and white picture of the original cover,  lightboxed the overall characters, and then did my own character designs and embellishments.

And look: Dane framed it! I guess he liked it.


14th Fan Art!

It was truly the merriest of Christmases! Here’s a rad Christmas present I got from my good buddy Jeremy @Spocksevilclone last year! I always love Jeremy’s heavy use of black, and he gets extra points for “astro-seconds”! Nothing says science fiction quite like adding spacey words to things!

This is also Jeremy’s FOURTH Life fan art, firmly securing his place as the world’s foremost Life The Necropolis fan artist. However, I would still love to see you draw Life or any of the characters really. Do it!

Merry Christmas in July!