Second Fan Art!

Here is the second ever piece of Life The Necropolis fan art! Being that it’s the second, I can now officially say things like “I’ve gotten a couple pieces of fan art” and “Oh I’ve gotten more than just one piece of fan art.” See how successful that sounds?

This was done by someone named darrenH. And that’s about all I know about them. They have a Twitter account @darrenH10483808 and they have one post (this) they follow one account (me) and they have one Like (this). That’s it. I was very flattered by this, and I wish I could tell you more about them, but nope, that’s it! 

-Love Nick


November 2018 Shirt: Eye

I was thinking “You know what? People need to remember that time Life lost an eye.” So here we are with this shirt.

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Inktober 2018.

So this was the second time I’ve done Inktober, where you get a drawing prompt every day all October long. Last year I drew Life in every drawing, this year I did that for about two days before I got bored and just started drawing sci-fi/fantasy characters, then knockoff GI Joes and X-Men for character concepts.

Originally I wasn’t going to sketch anything out or throw anything out. Everything was going to be straight ink to paper, and I would keep working on drawings until I liked them. That’s why day 3 is kind of different than the rest. Day 4 is where I realized that even if I didn’t like the drawing, I could just keep adding more black until I did. Day 6 is where I gave up on the “no throwing anything out” rule.

I regret tearing pages out of the sketch pad though. I would use those to sketch and doodle ideas, some of which I ended up really liking, so now I have to keep a bunch of torn out pages. Damn it…

-Love Nick