The Riss Band

Let me tell you kids about the Rock ’n’ Roll! You see, in case you hadn’t already heard, the Riss Band is the official band of Life the Necropolis. Kamloops BC based low-fi rock from the husband and wife team of Riss and Lisa Wiebe. 

The Riss Band have been long time and persistent supporters of my comic, and when they were working on their new album, Nonstop To Nowhere, they asked me to contribute some art for the back cover for their own comic book to coincide with their new album. I was extremely flattered and was more than happy to help out. 

I was also pretty nervous. I mean it’s one thing to make my own terrible comic, but now I was making my terrible art for someone else. Then it occurred to me that, well, they had seen my art before, so it’s not like it was going to be a surprise when I turned it in and said “well, this is how I draw…” 

All I really wanted to draw was Conan and some trees. I’m not really good at either, so I figured it was good practice. Being pretty vain, I couldn’t decide which was better, the colour version or just the plain black and white. So I turned in both, and hell, they printed both! 

I also recut some of my more violent Life panels for them, and they added some new dialogue and printed that too! It was pretty cool seeing Life in print (again, technically. More on that another day…) I should really do that myself some day soon… 

Check out the Riss Band HERE  and listen to their music! 

-Love Nick


August 2018 Shirt: Glub

Here comes Glub!! Or a Glub, I’m still not sure if that’s it’s name or species. Anyway, any chance I get to draw a Lovecraftian monster, I take! Sure Glub wasn’t long for this world, but you can remember it forever with your own Glub shirt!

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Clean Sweep

All I’m really doing here is drawing G.I. Joes. Seriously. I’m ripping off Moebius, drawing G.I. Joes, and making ‘em fight Cthulhu monsters. That’s it. 

Case in point: these little background duders who are just rip offs of a G.I. Joe toy I had as a kid (well, still have, because it’s still in my parents’ basement) named Clean Sweep. 

Look at how cool he is! He’s got an awesome hazmat suit, which always reminded me of Homer Simpson. That big tank behind him is a little water gun, and I used to use that to add water to my Warhammer paints because it worked great as a dropper bottle. 

This probably won’t be the last time I point out which G.I. Joes I ripped off. It’s going to be a very, very common theme. 

-Love Nick