I’ll bury it in post.

Todd McFarlane has some of the greatest advice I’ve ever heard for comic artists. Something like: you have to accept that not every panel is going to be perfect, and you have to just keep going.

The Travelling Wilburys were named after George Harrison joking that when they screwed up, not to worry about it because “We’ll bury ’em in the mix.” That’s my other mantra. Probably my main mantra actually. 

I draw on actual pages, and when I would screw up, I would obsess about getting it right on the page so I’d bust out the white paint and try to fix it. Well that is tedious and time consuming. Eventually I thought to hell with that, and said I’ll bury it in post.

The Key part 5 is probably the best example of that. I was behind schedule and was rushing, and I ended up with was probably four of the worst faces I’d ever drawn. But no worries; I just added more black lines and deleted the ones I didn’t need later Photoshop.

Here they are. Face 1 got a hair cut and lost those bags under her eyes. Face 2 got a nose job and lip repositioning. Face 3 was way too angry, got a nose job, and even a bit of hair cut. And Face 4. My god. The poor girl looked like Johnny Cash.

-Love Nick


May 2018 Shirt: Skull

So last year I ran away and got married and didn’t tell anyone. In fact, I didn’t tell anyone I was engaged either. Anyway, when I got back from Maui, I had to draw a comic that week and this was it. Explains why it’s a little light on plot.

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First Fan Art!

Oh man, here it is: the first piece of Life The Necropolis fan art! This was done by my Twitter friend Steve Lillie @SteveArtyPerson who is an absolutely fantastic illustrator, and I really can’t express how flattered I was when he posted this!

I won’t lie about this: independent comics can be soul crushing. Like most people trying to make something happen for themselves, my work is largely universally ignored. And honestly, as it should be. Work should deserve attention, and so I just keep trying to get better. 

That being said, seeing that someone I really don’t know cared enough about my work to draw something this awesome really, really made my day. 

Check out Steve Lillie’s website at www.stevelillie.biz for more of his work!

-Love Nick