3 thoughts on “Persistent.

  1. I went from absolutely hating this page, to kind of liking it. When I first finished drawing it, I thought “I don’t think I should be doing this anymore…”

    I didn’t challenge myself enough with this page, and so everything I did was just blah to me. I have a huge problem not being able to see the forest for the trees, but when I completely finished this page I finally saw what was I was trying to accomplish and actually started to like it.

    I also tried really hard to work on my colour theory on this one and do things the proper way, and I must have redone the colours on the first panel 20 times before I finally gave up and said I’ll keep doing it the wrong way because at least it looks sort of right to me.

    Something so simple and lazy was such a struggle.

  2. The pile of trash/rubbish collecting next to the door was a nice way to suggest the passage of time. Also, hilarious as always! Good job!

    • Thanks! Originally I was just going use different colours for the different days, but I didn’t think that conveyed the message enough. The other problem is that I’ve been using “cycle” instead of “day” (’cause it’s sounds more sci-fi!) and I didn’t think “Cycle 1”, “Cycle 12” etc, worked either, so I used trash haha!

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