3 thoughts on “Shrub. Part 8.

  1. This was one of those pages where I wanted to try harder, not take so many shortcuts, and draw more backgrounds. But, you know, I didn’t want to try too hard.
    I still gave myself one cheater panel at the end, and while it’s hard to tell because it’s small, that’s actually some of my personal favourite line work. It’s just the perfect blend of disconnected, loose, sketchy inking. Wish I could figure out how to draw like that more often. Always kind of stumble onto it by accident.

  2. Liking the comic. You’ve got a real 2000AD vibe that I really dig.
    You could really use an archive for navigation. It’s pretty hard to find an individual page.

    • Thank you! Carlos Ezquerra is definitely a huge influence (I steal as much as I can from him haha!) But you’re right about the archive; that’s on the to-do list and hopefully I’ll get that done soon.

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