One thought on “Stinky’s Revenge.

  1. This was almost five years in the making. This is the 122nd comic/page I’ve done; Stinky first appeared in the 9th. I’ve been meaning to call back to him forever, and now it was finally his time.

    I changed the colouring again too. I tried some new digital watercolour brushes that are more subtle than the last ones I used, but it’s still not quite what I’m looking for.

    There’s not quite enough texture to these brushes, and the colours are almost too vibrant, but I am really happy with how I toned down the shade colours to let the hatching do more of the work. Almost there.

    Also: that’s a lot of hand puns.

    Double also: “Stinky’s Revenge” is probably the greatest title I’ve ever come up with.

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