Fourth Fan Art!

Son of a bee sting, four pieces of fan art?! Now I was blown away when I got one, but man, four? This is becoming a regular occurrence! And of course if this were to halt, I would be surely devastated. So yeah, keep on drawing! I love it! 

This awesome drawing was done by my good buddy Jeremy McMullen @Spocksevilclone ! Not only do I love the rocking gatling gun (my favourite gun when I was a kid, thanks Doom and Terminator 2!) but I love the heavy use of black. I also really love the left boot. That is a mighty fine boot. I’m immensely flattered as always!

-Love Nick


February 2019 Shirt: Science Jerks

I love this panel. There’s something really funny to me about making a shirt of 6 random characters, most of which were never seen again beyond this panel. They’re just standing there, doing nothing, and they get a shirt for it. Just friggin’ slays me.

You can buy this rad new shirt and others HERE at my online store!