Someone reviewed my comic and didn’t tell me.

Awhile back I was searching for my comic on Google (I hadn’t yet put a search function on my actual site…) and discovered that someone had written a review about my comic but didn’t actually tell me about it!

You can find the whole review HERE on a site called Tabulit, who are “a Canadian Art Collective comprising of writers and artists from around the world.”

The review is from 2017 and it’s a nice, short review that sums up the comic and is overall very kind and complimentary. I was very flattered not only by what they had to say, but also just by the fact that they did it! Thank you very much!



Eleventh Fan Art!

Hey look it’s Robo Not-Lemmy the bartender! My good buddy Jeremy @Spocksevilclone  did this amazing drawing (with fantastic use of black), and that means he’s now the first three time offender for Life fan art!

Robo Not-Lemmy was originally a drawing I did for Inktober in 2019 with my friend Anthony in mind, that I then turned into a character in my Problem story, that my other friend Jeremey has now drawn. Somehow I have to keep this going…



Tenth Fan Art!

TEN pieces of fan art! This is my friend Sarah’s second piece of Life fan art, making her the second repeat offender! This is so awesome, Sarah noted “slim thicc girls and Lale are on my mind”.

I encourage you all to draw some Life stuff too! People doing rad drawings of my characters is beyond rewarding. Thank you so much Sarah!

Please check her out on Twitter @star_skunk and Instagram at star.skunk, and check out her commissions!!

-Love Nick



Inktober 2020.

Inktober is an online art project where you get a drawing prompt every day all October long.

This year I had some specific goals in mind. I wanted to work on character designs with odd body shapes and stances. I  also wanted to work on my Moebius-style hatching using a pen instead of thicker brush pen,  focusing on amount, length, curve, direction, etc, of the lines.

I took a lot of inspiration from old toys and video games, particularly Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys and Mega Man video games.

Overall I’m really happy with this year. I didn’t figure out everything I wanted to, but I certainly learned a lot just through practice. And the best part is having another personal little catalogues of ideas and techniques I can reference later.

-Love Nick.


Retiring Shirts.

Did you know I had a merch store? Well I do, but I’m going to retire pretty much all the designs right quick here. So if you were planning on getting anything, you should probably do it before the end of October. I’m probably just going to leave up the two logo shirts. 

I think going forward I’m going to make designs solely for merch instead of repurposing my comic page art. And they’re probably going to all be black and white because I only really wear black and white shirts.

You can check my store out here: https://www.redbubble.com/people/lifenecropolis/

-Love Nick