Inktober 2017.

At the encouragement of my friend Phil, this year I decided to participate in an online art project called Inktober. Do a drawing every day all October long. They give you drawing prompts to use if you’d like, which is why there’s a word at the bottom of every drawing.

It was a fair bit of work, but I’m really glad I did it because it gave me a reason to practice drawing more, and it also gave me a couple of new story ideas.

But yeah, things got weird sometimes, particularly near the end. It got to the point where I was so out of ideas I would just listen to some Hawkwind, and draw the first thing that came to mind. That’s where that little wizard guy came from. A bunch of the drawings ended up kind of screwy and I made a bunch of mistakes, but I wasn’t too worried because it was good practice, and I learn better from seeing my own mistakes.

Oh, and also: a bunch of the drawings are super phallic because I thought it would make Phil laugh, and it reminded me of the old Heavy Metal magazines. Seemed like good enough reasons at the time.

-Love Nick.