From the office of Nick Klie


The ballad of Gordy. I thought it was time to add more punch to the comic and do a straight action story.  Originally 3 parts and more serious and dark in tone, the second I wrote Gordy’s first piece of dialogue (“Insignificant germ!!” a nod to Transformers: The Animated Movie’s “Human germ!”) that plan went down the toilet. Gordy was just way too much fun.

I decided on 4 parts instead of 3 to give myself a little more breathing room with the pacing, and also because coming up with new ideas is hard, so I  stretched this one out for awhile. The epilogue was added because I simply wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Gordy yet.

Although the 4-part story had some big moments for me, my favorite work was the epilogue. Specifically the last panel. It was going to be a quick, lazy comic to take a break from all the work I had already done, but it turned out to be the most involved thing I had done yet. What’s left of Gordy lying on that table with all those tubes and junk hanging out of him is my crowning moment so far.  It also gave me a chance to play around with a slightly different (and quicker) coloring style that will be sticking around.

All because I wanted to rip off IG-88 from Star Wars.

-Love Nick.

4 thoughts on “From the office of Nick Klie

  1. …Hi Nick…aww, sorry man…haven’t seen any of this stuff because….wordpress….have just had a catch up and will explore why I’m not seeing you in my feed…all looking amazing…(missing the guys in the bunny suits tho’)…more please!!…cheers, Tony.

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