A couple of years ago, my friend Nathan had a very serious workplace accident. He’s fine now, but at the time he was rushed to the hospital, and even elected to have a pretty significant surgery to hopefully prevent any future health problems.

It was a really scary moment, because until then (and luckily not since then) I had never received a phone call like that. Where you suddenly find out terrible news about someone you care about. Information was scarce at first, and thankfully we quickly learned he was okay, but in that time in between all I could think about was how I had just seen him the day before, and just like that without any warning something awful had happened. It was surreal.

Anyway, apparently while he was in the hospital absolutely out of his mind on pain killers, he came to, looked at our friend Randy and said something along the lines of “I want one of Nick’s new shirts. The white one. In large.” That was it. He then just kind of nodded off again. I was pretty flattered to be honest.

So naturally I got him one.

He’s pictured here, wearing another one of my shirts he bought for himself as well. Hell of a guy.

-Love Nick


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