Speed Lines!

For some reason I really wanted to steer clear from using speed lines. You know, those little action/motion lines to illustrate movement. I think I thought they might have been too cartoony. That seems insane considering that my style is anything but realistic.

I tried them a few times early on but never liked them. After awhile, I was starting to think my action scenes were a little flat and lifeless, particularly when I started drawing the first couple fight scenes in “The Key”. I studied some Carlos Ezquerra Judge Dredd work (because Carlos is a master of sci-fi action comics) and realized, yup, I needed to add those speed lines. 

The first drawing here is my first recent attempt, and it’s pretty bad.  The lines aren’t very curved, they’re varying thicknesses, and the placement on them is pretty terrible. 

The second drawing here I feel like I got the hang of them much better. Much more curved, a better sense of the direction of the action (the positions on the figures help that out as well) and they even kind of blur through the action, which I further accented in the colouring later. Overall much more dynamic action.

As per usual with me, I tend to learn better by trying something, failing at it, and then examining my mistakes. 

This drawing stuff is hard I tell you…

-Love Nick 

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