Inktober 2018.

So this was the second time I’ve done Inktober, where you get a drawing prompt every day all October long. Last year I drew Life in every drawing, this year I did that for about two days before I got bored and just started drawing sci-fi/fantasy characters, then knockoff GI Joes and X-Men for character concepts.

Originally I wasn’t going to sketch anything out or throw anything out. Everything was going to be straight ink to paper, and I would keep working on drawings until I liked them. That’s why day 3 is kind of different than the rest. Day 4 is where I realized that even if I didn’t like the drawing, I could just keep adding more black until I did. Day 6 is where I gave up on the “no throwing anything out” rule.

I regret tearing pages out of the sketch pad though. I would use those to sketch and doodle ideas, some of which I ended up really liking, so now I have to keep a bunch of torn out pages. Damn it…

-Love Nick

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