5 years later: 200 Likes on Facebook.

I recently noticed that after almost five years of making Life The Necropolis, I just passed 200 page Likes on Facebook. I had a good laugh about it. Not exactly setting the world on fire. 

That’s pretty typical of all my social media though; somewhere around 200 followers. I think my Tumblr has the most blatantly-spam-account followers.

I understand that social media is a pay-to-play model. I used to pay to promote my Facebook posts, but that wasn’t getting me anywhere so I stopped. I also understand that the cream rises to the top, so I’m not blaming the platforms. If you want more attention, make better stuff.

I do have an overall plan— I’ve been quietly but consistently meeting personal goals, just trying to get better before I spend a lot of time and effort on promotion. 

I just thought it was funny it took so long to get to only 200 page Likes.

-Love Nick. 

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