Inktober 2020.

Inktober is an online art project where you get a drawing prompt every day all October long.

This year I had some specific goals in mind. I wanted to work on character designs with odd body shapes and stances. I  also wanted to work on my Moebius-style hatching using a pen instead of thicker brush pen,  focusing on amount, length, curve, direction, etc, of the lines.

I took a lot of inspiration from old toys and video games, particularly Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys and Mega Man video games.

Overall I’m really happy with this year. I didn’t figure out everything I wanted to, but I certainly learned a lot just through practice. And the best part is having another personal little catalogues of ideas and techniques I can reference later.

-Love Nick.

2 thoughts on “Inktober 2020.

  1. Well done! I love how you stuck with your style and theme.
    I did Inktober as well. I’m not particularly good, but drawing every single day always improves my work. I’m also doing the Inktober 52, where there’s one prompt a week.

    Always looking forward to your next comic!

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