Tales from the Interface No.3 Kickstarter!

You should definitely check out this rad Kickstarter from Emmanuel Filteau for his third issue of Tales From The Interface! I backed digital editions of all three books for just $14 CAD, a screaming deal!

I’ve followed Emmanuel on Instagram for awhile (@ink_orporate and @Inkorporate on Twitter) and really enjoy his work, but I have to keep reminding myself “Oh yeah you should support artists you like!” so getting all three of his books in one fell swoop was perfect!

Personally, even though I prefer printed comics, and Emmanuel is definitely offering printed versions, getting all three as a digital bundle is just so convenient for me. It’s also less work for the artist (trust me: mail order is a TON of work) I don’t have to pay shipping, and more of my money is going to the artist instead of printing costs.

So yeah, check it out!


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