One thought on “The Key. Part 33.

  1. I think the last panel might be one of the best things I’ve drawn. It’s not my favourite thing I’ve ever drawn, but I think it’s pretty dynamic (for me) and overall really effective. I had a bunch of different ideas on how to colour it, but I started with the basics, and figured I’d play around with it later. In the end, I think just using more shade and background colours worked out the best.
    Oddly enough I can’t remember if I screwed up the order of the middle three panels. Originally I think it was supposed to be Kranoh, Life, then Lale, but then I think I intended to switch it to Life, Kranoh, then Lale. However, I didn’t realize this until I was going through my notes when I was lettering well after I had drawn it this final way. I’m still not sure what’s the best order, but I think visually I’m happiest with this way, mostly because Lale is in the exact centre of the page. You’d be surprised at how much I edit the dialogue based of what I draw, and how much I do or do not want to cover with word bubbles.

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